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Whether you're coming from a background in classical flute, tin whistle, violin, guitar, drum or no musical instrument at all but just want to play the flute, I'm glad you found my website.

Notice April 14, 2018: CITES ll - African Blackwood is now a protected species
I am no longer allowed to export flutes made from African Blackwood outside of EU without lengthy bureaucratic processes and additional (high) charges. This goes against my promise of quality, affordability and 8 week delivery. Until I have found a suitable replacement wood I will not be taking orders from countries outside EU. I am sorry.


I make good Irish style flutes in African Blackwood for people from everywhere and all musical and non-musical backgrounds in the basement of my home in southern Sweden. They’re relatively affordable and you don’t have to wait forever.

Price € - 290 + 20  shipping

No silver lining. Just wood

A Tim Adams Irish Flute is a simple instrument. It has no silver lining. The rings are brass and the tone is all wood. It plays fast and easy and it knows thousands of tunes. The low notes vibrate nicely and you won't run out of air playing them.

I want you to try it first

Let me send you a quality handmade Irish Flute so you can see it, feel it and play it. You might want an experienced flute player to try it for you before you decide whether or not to buy. If you like it, keep it. It’s yours. I’ll send you the bill. If not, send it back.

Try before you buy. Of course!


I buy my wood from espen.de, an established German supplier of quality woods for woodwind and other instruments. Espen is FSC certified and I trust their reputation.

Common questions and straight answers

What’s it made of?
African Blackwood (Grenadillo)
How many parts? 3
Is the bore conical or cylindrical? Conical
What key is it tuned in? D4 major
How much does it weigh? 280 GRAMS
How much does it cost? 290 EURO + shipping
How much does shipping cost? 20 EURO to anywhere
Can I try it first? Of course you can
When can you send it? Up to 8 weeks after you order it
How do I order? Send me your postal address
How do I pay? Credit card or PayPal via invoice
What do you need from me? Your name and postal address
Are you left or right handed?
Anything about your musical background. As much as you want to tell me. Do you play other instruments? Is this your first flute or wind instrument?
How does it sound? Here are some very raw video clips. One take. No add ons. No take aways. No editing.

Leaving of Liverpool

Leffes Polska

Fermoy Lassies

Si bheag Si mhor

Taimse im choladh

How big or small are your hands? (20 seconds)

If you would like a flute that suits the size of your hands, please take a picture so I can see and measure your finger span and length, and send it to me. This is very useful when I am placing the tone holes and it means that you get a very comfortable flute to play.

Please take a picture of your left or right hand with fingers stretched comfortably apart and send it to me. Via email, WhatsApp, MMS or other picture messaging service.

Thank you!


Tim Adams Flute Maker
Nobelvägen 49
214 33 Malmö


Call or text: 0046 706 215818

Easy to order. Just send me your address