Tim Adams - Irish Flute Maker


A wooden flute likes some care and attention. Play it often. Care for it often.


Every time you play, some moisture will gather inside the bore of the flute. It’s good to remove it. (1:44s)


Here is some dos and don’ts about putting the flute together. Good to know. (51s)


If you have moved the cork for some reason, and want it back exactly where it was when I tuned your flute, here’s how to do it. (1:45)


Cork loves grease. It keeps it soft and seals the flute joints. (1:47s)


Even the sides of the holes enjoy a bit of oil now and then. (1:06s)


You might want to freshen up your flute and make it look and feel like when it was new. (7:02)

Tight tenon joint

If you notice that the tenon joint is getting too tight for comfort, this is what you do. If you’re not happy about doing this yourself, let me know and I’ll fix it. (2:02s)

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