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Grain of Rice
People think we flute players just blow into our tubes. Not true. We simply breathe out slowly through a tiny opening the size and shape of a grain of rice.


Here is a basic first octave finger chart for a Tim Adams Irish Flute. Use the same fingering in the second octave. 

Play - you can do it

Three things usually make a person delay buying and discovering the joy of playing a quality wooden traverse flute - price, availability and technique. The first two I have sorted, the third I will try to help you with on this page.

I will try to take some of the mystery out of getting a good tone in a wooden traverse flute. If you don’t have a flute at home there are flute technique exercises using a carrot, a potatoe and bits of PVC plastic tube.

Embouchure - lips and mouth (46 seconds)

Do try this at home. Alone at first, in case people close by think you’re losing your mind. Then do it everywhere and get used to using new muscles. Play with your lips. And your tongue. And teach your mouth to do new things.

Headpiece - where the music starts (44 seconds)

Your flute tone quality is decided in the headpiece. Practise on the headpiece without the distraction of trying to cover holes and play notes. Don’t blow. Breathe out.

Carrot - preferably fresh and hard (42 seconds)

You could probably make a 3 - 4 tone flute from a carrot. Didn’t try it yet. But I will.

Potatoe - try it then fry it (24 seconds)

You don’t really ‘blow’. Do as if you were ejecting/spitting a corn of rice from between your lips.

PVC1 - getting a note from a plastic tube (54 seconds)

Practise on whatever you can.

PVC2 - another plastic tube alternative (45 seconds)

You’ll need a wine cork for this one.

Whistle2flute - if you’ve ever thought of it, try it (70 seconds)

Turn your least favourite whistle into a short flute. To remove the tin whistle mouthpiece, dip it in some very hot water for a few seconds to loosen the glue. Be careful.

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