Tim Adams Irish Flute Maker 


Timothy Adams
Klockaregårdsvägen 3
276 30 Borrby
Call or text: 0046 706 215 818


Feel free to ask any questions about the flute, like how to play it, how to care for it, how to breathe. I always answer.

Your background

It's always good for me to learn a little about your musical background, if you want to share that information. For example, if you are a beginner you might like some playing and posture tips to get you started. Are you left or right-handed? If you play another musical instrument it will help me understand where you're coming from, and guide you on. I've played tin whistle, flute, guitar and mandolin for many years so I understand those instruments well. And I sing.

My background

My story is no more unique than yours but here is some of it.

I learnt to turn, mill and grind machine parts, precision tools and fixtures from the most skilled men in Dublin in the late 70s. The workshop was cold but the men and their ways were warm and very old Dublin. When you can manually machine steel accurate to 0.01 mm you believe you can make anything so when I bought my first flute from Dessie Seery in Bray in the 80s, I decided I would make flutes some day.

Over many years in Sweden I have entertained hundreds of audiences playing tunes and songs from Ireland with lots of friends. The years passed and in 2014 I started making flutes seriously and I enjoy sending them off to different parts of the wide world to become part of people’s musical lives. What a privilege.

Long into the future I hope to continue to make and send out flutes that people can afford to buy and enjoy to play.

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