Tim Adams Irish Flute Maker 

Facts & features

Here are answers to some of the questions you might have about a Tim Adams Irish Flute.

Flute Facts

African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
Rings: Brass
Cork: Natural
Length (total)
680 mm
Weight 303 grams (Blackwood)
Tonality (key)
D4 major. (A 440 HERTZ) Primary notes: D, E, F#, G, A B, C# D. Available notes via crossfingering: C, Bb
D4 major and D5 major.
Parts End cap, cork, headpiece, main piece, foot
Tone hole distance
from embouchure (mm)
C# 225, B 260, A 293, G 360, F# 390, E 423, D 510
Bore diameter
Headpiece 19 mm. Main piece conical 19 - 13 mm. Foot 13 mm
Elipse 11 x 10 (compare classical flute rounded rectangle 12 x 10)
Kit contents
3-piece wooden flute
Flute case
Cork grease
Tuning/cleaning rod
Adams F plug
Cleaning cloth

Flute Features

African Blackwood
African Blackwood is a hard African tonewood. It is often the preferred wood for Irish and classical traverse flutes because of its tonal quality, density and its sleek black appearance.
Easy to play
The holes are small which is good for fast percussive tunes. The embouchure is an elipse which allows clear tones all the way up over two octaves. Lightweight (300 grams compared to ca 450 grams classical Pratten wooden flute) for less strain while playing.
Handmade in Sweden
I get heavy solid square blanks from my suppliers and I turn, drill, polish and tune them using my small machines and homemade tools in my basement workshop in Borrby, Sweden. An exciting, interesting and fun process.

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