Irish Flute LITE by Tim Adams 


Corinna, Germany
My flute has arrived today safe and sound - and I already love it!
I love its warm sound, its clear intonation, its smooth surface, its lovely cloth case, it was so easy to play, ...
Thank you so much for this lovely instrument which is everything I hoped it would be!

Thomas, Norway
Fikk spilt og sett på fløyten idag.
Synes den er nyyydelig. Den er fantastisk lett å spille på. Har aldri opplevd noe slik, og jeg synes det er så spennende. Gleder meg til å lære meg dette instrumentet å kjenne.

David, UK
I’m very pleased to say my mopane flute arrived at about lunch time yesterday. Beautifully packed and in good order. Now I have to teach myself to play it!
Thank you for your attention.

Aron, Sweden
Har provat flöjten lite nu och är jättenöjd. Fantastiskt fint hantverk.

Jonathan, Sweden
Hello Tim! I really like the flute. It has original but nice look and also plays very well. The F plug is just genius and very handy for me who plays both Irish music and Swedish music where F is very often needed.

Stefan, Austria
All I can say is ... I opened the roll, realized how detailed even the flute bag is, and how perfectly you put all the things together! Great! Even the first notes were easy to get, the tuning is very nice, the upper register is there without any twist, just there!

Brian, USA
Greetings Tim ! Flute arrived yesterday evening safe and sound. Many thanks for care in packing and no synthetic wraping. I just played it this morning at work, handles like a breeze and very responsive! I appreciate your attention to detail in the build and finish.

Rickard, Sweden
Sorry I didn't back to you sooner, but I picked the flute up Saturday and have had a hard time putting it down. Absolutely delighted! It's really easy to play, especially compared to my old flute, the intonation is perfect and it's got a lovely sound.

Marcel, Germany
The flute arrived the day before yesterday and we (meaning my wife and me) really like it. It feels good in one's hand and sounds really nice.

Vincent, Ireland
I received my beautifully made Irish Flute from Tim recently. It is comfortable both in balance, to play and communication with Tim was excellent. I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to purchase an Irish Flute should take advantage of Tim's genuine offer of a free trial and experience the pleasure of playing this excellent wooden flute at an unbeatable price.

John, UK
You have made my day. Today I came home to find that the parcel had been delivered. It was an absolute joy to open. The workmanship is truly exceptional. The flute is perfection and all I hoped for. The tone is wonderful. The case-roll is beautifully made. It is actually a piece of art. We both smiled when we saw and opened the case-roll.

Hannah, USA
I’ve been playing quite a bit, even joined in for a few tunes at our local session. I would like to purchase! Thanks so much for the beautiful piece.

Tabetha, Ireland
And once again, thank you for my new beautiful instrument! I'm practising lots and getting some decent sounds out of it already, although it will take me some time to perfect the embouchure and not blowing to much air (getting pretty dizzy). The sound is gorgeous though, and you can see and feel the love that went into creating it.

Peter, Belgium
Hey Tim. The flute got here today. What a super, beautiful instrument. Beautifully rolled in that gorgeous roll-bag, with all the accessories. Lovingly presented. All of it very much appreciated, including the little painted card! Many, many thanks.

Luc, France
The flute is everything you said it would be. I find playing it a real pleasure. It has a really warm sound. This afternoon, I could feel the air vibrating underneath my fingers. Such a nice feeling !

Francisco José, Spain
I just received the flute, it arrived yesterday but I was not there. It's fantastic Tim, really easy to play and I love the sound, I do not know how to thank you. It is also very beautiful, very good work. Of course I'll take it, tell me how I pay you and I'll be happy. Receives a warm greeting

Julia, UK
My flute arrived today and I don’t know what to say.  It is utterly beautiful.  Stunningly made and a beautiful sweet tone. Thank you so much.

Chuck, USA
Today I received your beautiful wooden flute in good order. I put some cork grease on and warmed it up and she played with a warm tone I will have to develop.
… By the way, I forgot to mention the pleasure I had from the small watercolor card, and the warm regard I have for the fine case-roll. 

Andrea, Germany
my flute arrived yesterday, safe and sound. I like it very much, especially the smaller holes are perfect for me.  This weekend i will start to get more familiar with my "Black Beauty".

Nils, Sweden
The flute has arrived today and it looks and sounds really wonderful! And what a lovely case :)

Richard, USA
I received the flute yesterday and it’s great!  Wonderful craftsmanship!  Spent an hour or so last night getting the feel of it.  Love the tone, very warm. … The packaging on the flute was excellent.  Very much appreciate the cloth case.

Lior, Israel
The flute arrived safely - Thank you so much !. I Love it. It began with a very polite answer to my mail and went on, up till now - I hold my flute in my hands and admire it.

Yaruslav, Russia
Today we got the flute! All is well! we loved your work! Very beautiful! Pleasure to hold in the hands! Good line! Excellent sound! Pleased that all the accessories are included for care.

Kevin, UK
I'm still amazed by this flute by the way. Every time I play it it just seems to sound better to my ears and feeling it vibrate like that - it just adds another dimension... Lovely stuff altogether.

I like its sound and the possibilities of changing it with the position of the mouth; it seems it can be powerfull, although I cannot play it very loud yet, but what I like the most, the "cuts" are forceful, which makes Irish ornamentation sound very good.

Sheena, Ireland
Thank you again for the beautiful flute and your kindness and patience. I wish you all the best in your business.

David, Sweden
Many thanks Tim for your help with my flute last week. It was great to be able to have my flute through all the week. I was impressed by your flutes and I wish you all the best with your instruments. I will certainly recommend them.

Jon, UK
Sounds great, easy blown, beautifully finished and presented.

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